Need Space For A Meeting? Consider A Hotel Conference Room

21 January 2015
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If you have a small business and planning a large meeting with your clients, you likely do not have the room for them. If so, you should consider a hotel conference room. More and more hotels are offering things like food stations, technology for a temperature change and more, to make the meetings comfortable for you, your staff, and your clients.

Enough Space

Having enough space for your meeting is important. Many hotels offer conference rooms, and many of them with more than one room. This allows you to add work spaces for your clients, if they need it. Most rooms have natural lighting, as well as access to the outdoors.

Most hotels office supplies you need, as well as wireless access. If you need video equipment set up, computers, etc., they will set this up for you.


There are many ways technology can help your meetings in conference rooms more successful. For example, there are apps that allow you to order food and coffee and have it delivered, as well as to change the room's temperature without getting out of your seat.

Many hotels also allow you to book a conference room 24/7 through an online website.

Food and Beverage

Instead of having cookies, cold sandwiches, and coffee, you can provide your clients with much more. The conference room may have a center where your clients can make their own trail mix, and participate in smoothie stations, pizza stations, and even taco stations.

Having food accessible at all times keeps the meeting going, and is helpful if the meeting is going to last a long time. It also makes your clients feel more comfortable, as they will not be hungry or thirsty at any time during the meeting.

For a take home treat, some hotels have an area with glass jars full of sweet treats. Your clients can scoop out the candy they want into a paper sack and take it home with them.

Taking a Break

Many hotels offer things like cooking classes, making crafts, and other forms of entertainment when you are taking long breaks. This allows those attending the conference to get out of the conference room, and do something fun for awhile.

A conference room with hotels such as Clarion Hotel - Seattle International Airport can make a big difference in how successful your meeting is. Contact some hotels in your area if you are interested in this, and see what they can offer you.