Three Often Overlooked Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Private Yacht Charter Bill

21 July 2015
 Categories: Travel, Blog

No matter how you figure it, chartering a private yacht is a much more expensive way to take a vacation than going on a cruise or checking into a foreign hotel. However, the fact you have so many destination options, like the caribbean, while most of the actual business of sailing will be handled by the yacht's crew means it's an incredibly enjoyable experience. Before you finalize your trip, consider these three often overlooked ways to get the most out of a private yacht charter bill.

Consider Renting An Older Or Used Yacht Instead Of A Brand New One

The final price of your charter will be greatly influenced by the specific yacht model you want to travel in. While an old or used yacht won't be dramatically cheaper than a brand new one, you'll still be able to enjoy almost all the same luxuries if you rent one.

Ask your charter company all about what specific yacht models are available. If you can find an older yacht that's large enough for your party, don't be afraid to rent it as long as the company gives you photos showing the vessel is well-maintained.

Plan Trips Between Ports That Are Used Reasonably Frequently

Just as economies of scale lower prices of goods at the supermarket, a bigger port is more likely to offer your yacht the services it needs at a reasonable price. This is because more boats coming in leads to more consistent business and more competition. While you won't have to deal directly with maintaining the yacht if the vessel comes with a crew, the price for such things will be included in your final charter bill.

To save money, avoid planning a trip that requires the use of many extremely small ports. If you're creative, there are few areas of the world you can't adequately tour while you stick almost exclusively to large ports.

Avoid Long Gaps In The Trip Where The Yacht's Crew Is Just Sitting Around

No matter how much you want to visit an obscure island in the Pacific Ocean for an extended amount of time, remember both your crew and your yacht still cost you money when you're not traveling. If you want to get the most out of your money, it's important to minimize the amount of time your yacht will stand idle.

In one section of your trip, if you're traveling with a large party, consider putting half the group up in hotels on land and sending everyone else on the yacht to a secondary destination. This way, everyone gets to see what they want and the yacht is constantly serving at least a portion of your party.