4 Steps To Ensuring That Your Upcoming Wine Tour Is A Success

1 September 2015
 Categories: Travel, Blog

Winery owners and winemakers are some of the most interesting people in the world. If you enjoy the taste of wine, a winery may be something that you want to visit in the foreseeable future. To help plan your wine tour, here are a few tips to ensure a successful visit:  

1. Make Sure to Arrive Early.

Whether you are visiting a winery during the week or on a weekend, the trick is to arrive as early as possible. Even during the week, wineries get busy. By arriving early, you'll be able to get one-on-one attention from the winemakers and the owners, which is not something that you'll get to experience if the winery is busy and crowded.

2. Opt for the Smaller Wineries.

Large wineries with huge parking lots and tons of hired helps can be exciting and comfort to some, but they can also be a little intimidating to others. If you want to truly feel the passion behind the art of winemaking without feeling overwhelmed, then you are going to want to seek out the smaller wineries. You will get more of the quality time mentioned above and will get a more personal experience all around. Plus, this is a great way for newbies to learn more about wine and winemaking without being surrounded by individuals that know more than them, which is common in larger places. 

3.  Make Sure You Know How to Answer the Type of Wine You Like.

At most wineries, especially in the tasting room, you are going to be asked the type of wine that you like. This is a very intimidating and uncomfortable question to those who are new to wine and wine tasting. You don't want to be caught off-guard without an answer to this question; however, you don't have to mention a specific type of wine. Instead, just tell the server that you enjoy a variety of wines and ask what they would recommend starting with.  

4. Hire a Limo, Car or Bus.

Whether you are going in a large group or with your significant other, you may want to consider hiring some form of designated driver (such as one from Ambassador Limousine). Depending on how much wine you taste, you may get a little tipsy and no one needs to be drinking and driving. Plus, in most locales, there is some pretty heavy driving since the wineries are spread out from one another. A guided wine tour may actually be your best bet so that you can focus on the wine and let someone else worry about the driving and planning.

If wine and vineyards come to mind when you think about traveling, then it may indeed be time to book that wine tour. Make sure to follow the aforementioned tips to ensure it proceeds without a hitch.