4 Bachelor And Bachelorette Party Ideas For An Urban Destination Wedding

1 March 2016
 Categories: Travel, Blog

More and more couples are opting for a more affordable or convenient urban spot for a destination wedding rather than dragging guests to an expensive remote island in the Pacific. While the former option offers guests a lot in the way of ease of attendance, some bridal and bachelor parties can find themselves troubled for things to do in the days leading up to the big event.

Bar Crawl

This one's the classic pre-wedding guy's or girl's night out, and can be even more fun in new territory. Online reviews can be a godsend when picking out your route, or your hotel may have a handy guide to the hot local bars in an unknown city. Also important to note is a local taxi company's phone number or local rideshare app for when the night is over. 

Harbor Cruise

If it's conducive to the city you're staying in, a short harbor cruise with the wedding party is a great way to break away from the ordinary night out on the town. The best part about these trips is that they're easier to rent out for your entire party than a bar or similar function hall, and the photo ops are endless if you've picked a scenic city. Plus, these trips are often all-inclusive, with the added benefits of drinks and dinner often included with the price of admission. 

Sports Game

Being able to visit a true cathedral of the bride or groom's sport can be an experience that only comes once in a lifetime, and being able to couple that (no pun intended) with a wedding weekend makes for an endlessly memorable trip. Bonus points here for getting on the Jumbotron or getting a message on the big message board in commemoration of the big day. Some ideas include Fenway Park in Boston, Madison Square Garden in NYC, or even something more interactive like a round of golf at Myrtle Beach or a couple of laps at Daytona. 

Head Outdoors

A common expression of travelers is, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do," and this adage can absolutely carry over to a pre-wedding party with the guys or girls. Whatever city you choose, do a little research and see what natural wonders await you outside the confines of the city. Some ideas may include a fishing trip in the Pacific Northwest or a night camping in the deserts of Nevada for a wedding in Vegas. 

Contact a local hotel or banquet hall, like Georgios Banquets, Quality Inn & Suites Conference Centre or another location, for more ideas and help.