Reaching Your Entire Audience: When You Need Interpretation Services To Get Your Message Across

23 January 2017
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Whether you are running a conference at a high-end venue or you are sitting down at an important business meeting, you'll need to take into consideration whether you will need interpretation services or not. When you are getting a conference together, knowing the primary languages of your attendees and making any accommodations necessary can make your conference successful. An important business meeting won't go well if you aren't able to communicate with those in attendance. If you don't have any employees on staff that are able to interpret for you, it's time to find a reputable interpretation service in your area so there isn't any confusion in your communications.

When the Interpreter Offers Simultaneous Interpretation

If you have an audience member in your conference that needs interpretation services, you can set up the interpreter to provide simultaneous interpretation. The individual who needs interpretation services is given a listening device such as a headset, and the interpreter provides speaks in the language needed at the same time as the speaker of the event. This allows the speaker to continually speak without pausing, and keeps the event on schedule. If it's a long conference, two interpreters are often used so that each can work for thirty minutes and then take a break. This is an interpretation method that works great for large events because more than one language can be accommodated without any interruption to the event.

Consecutive Interpretation Works Differently

Consecutive interpretation is different, and is often used in business meetings when two people don't speak the same language and have important business to tend to. This type of interpretation allows one speaker to speak for less than a minute, and then the interpreter talks with the recipient of the message in their language. This interpretation can go back and forth, allowing both parties to conduct business as if there was no language barrier. This type of interpretation works fine for short presentations, for telephone calls, and even for one-to-one conversations.

If you have a big conference coming up, or you need interpretation services for an important business meeting, it's important to find a professional in your area who can help. Talk with the interpretation agency regarding the services you will need, and provide the languages you need interpretation for. You'll also need to provide information regarding the expected length of the event, so that a second interpreter can be sent if necessary.