Questions To Ask When Renting Your First Apartment

31 January 2017
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If you live with your parents and wish to make a move into an apartment of your own, you may be a bit apprehensive about what to expect and how to go about getting a new place to live that you will enjoy. First time renters are usually excited about the prospect in having their own home, often forgetting to ask important questions that may make an impact on their living situation. Here are some tips you can use to ensure you cover all bases, leading you to a great new apartment.

Is There A Policy Regarding A Security Deposit In Place?

It is important to inquire about the requirements you are expected to fulfill in getting your security deposit back at the end of your stay. In some cases, a landlord will require that their tenant sign a form indicating they had read information pertaining to the security deposit and which stipulations are in place to get this money back. Make sure to read all information in this document to ensure you are able to meet the demand of the landlord without difficulty. If there is no paperwork in place, ask the landlord to construct a document for you to sign to ensure you will receive your money should the apartment meet the landlord's approval.

Who Will Be Available To Assist If There Is A Problem?

Ask the landlord if they have a property manager or maintenance service to call if there is a problem needing repair work in the apartment. If the landlord indicates they would like to receive phone calls themselves, it is a good idea to find out if there are times of the day when you should not bother them. Ask them if there is a backup plan during these time periods should an emergency arise. This will ensure you are not waiting around to call the landlord, possibly causing further damage to the apartment or an appliance within as a result.

Can Any Changes Be Made To The Present Decor?

Some landlords will allow their tenants to make changes to the aesthetics of an apartment if it will be favorable to those who may rent it in the future. It is a good idea to ask the landlord what their feelings are regarding the hanging of pictures or other wall decor, as well as the changing of the paint color of rooms in the home. If you are not allowed to make permanent changes, you can still spice up the living space with help from removable hooks, stickers, curtains, and other items that you can alter whenever you wish.