3 Tips To Save Money On Moorage Services

25 January 2016
 Categories: Travel, Blog

If you are planning on spending time sleeping and hanging out on your boat this year, you might be thinking about signing up for moorage services. However, you might have found that these services can be a bit costly, and you could be wondering if there is a way for you to reduce costs. Luckily, following these tips can help you save while allowing you to spend more time on your boat than ever before.

1. Choose a Smaller Boat

If you are currently in the market for a vessel for this purpose, you should consider size if you are concerned about the cost of moorage services. Many marinas that offer these services charge you by square foot, so if your boat is larger, your moorage services are going to cost more. Plus, you'll find that maintaining your boat and putting fuel in it will cost more if it's larger as well. Although it's probably not worth it to trade your bigger boat in for a smaller one, it is something to keep in mind when you're shopping.

2. Pay Annually

Many marinas offer various types of contracts for their moorage services. For example, you may be able to pay by the week, month or year. Many marinas provide better deals if you are willing to sign up for a longer-term contract, and you often still have the option to pay monthly rather than all at one time. This can be a great way to reduce prices, and you'll also ensure that you have already secured a spot for your boat for the rest of the year, which can also be a good feeling.

3. Minimize Additional Services

Although it might be nice to have help with maintaining your boat, you may want to skip these services if you are looking to cut costs. Many marinas do provide services to help you take care of your watercraft, but performing basic maintenance yourself can be a whole lot cheaper. Plus, it can be quite fulfilling to learn how to maintain your own vessel, especially if you are a bit of a boat lover.

Moorage services can be great because they can allow you to spend more time on your boat than ever and to truly enjoy it to its fullest. If you're worried about the cost of these services, follow these three tips to save as much money as possible on moorage-related costs.