3 Features To Look For In A Dog-Friendly Hotel

23 June 2016
 Categories: Travel, Blog

One of the hardest parts about owning a dog is finding a hotel that will allow you to keep your dog with you while your travel. In addition, many hotels that allow pets into the hotel do not really offer any benefits to staying there beyond simply letting your dog stay in the room. However, there are nice hotels out there that offer a range of dog-friendly options and services, such as the three listed below.

Express Check-In Services

One of the biggest features to look for in a dog-friendly hotel is an express check-in service. This is very important because, after a long drive to a hotel, the last thing that you will want to do is wait in line before you can get your room. Not only is this annoying for you, it can also be a problem if you have a dog with you because he or she can end up pestering other people in line or have to sit outside with your family while you are checking in. 

However, a hotel with an express check-in service will often incorporate hotel staff that will be able to check you in quickly with the use of a mobile device, such as a tablet or by calling a number once you arrive. Once you call the number, the hotel staff will meet you in the lobby or outside of the hotel to check you in without having you wait in line to get to the front desk. 

Dog Care Services

Another feature to look for when booking a hotel for you and your dog is the availability of dog care services. Many hotels offer dog walking and pet-sitting services to assist you if you need to leave the dog alone during your stay.

This is very useful as it can reduce the chances of your dog damaging the room, disturbing people in nearby rooms by barking, or having an accident in the room. In addition, the pet-sitting service will often include playtime that can keep your dog entertained even when you are busy. 

Dog-Friendly Activities

Finally, you will want to consider looking for a hotel that offers dog-friendly activities that you can enjoy with your dog. For example, some hotels will offer outdoor restaurants that will allow you and your dog to eat together and will often provide water and a number of treat options that you can order for your dog. In addition, some hotels have even gone a step farther by offering spa services for travelers and their dogs, such as massages and soaking pools.

Contact a pet-friendly hotel today in order to discuss what features and amenities they offer that can make both you and your dog comfortable during your stay. Express check-in, dog care services, and pet-friendly activities are all features that you should look for when considering a hotel that accepts dogs.

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